Sunday, December 04, 2005

Pick ups of the week and Review

Minimates Emma Fost and New X-men Cyclops
Marvel Legends Series 9 Grinning Varient Bullseye

Minimates Cyclops
Sculpt 3/5
Paint 5/5
Articulation 5/5
Minimates Emma Frost
Sculpt 4/5
Paint 5/5
Articulation 4/5
Total 26/30 Not bad!

Grinning Variant Bullseye
Sculpt 10/10
Paint 10/10 (sparkly black)
Articulation 10/10 (come on its bullseye)

perfect score! 30/30

Friday, November 25, 2005

Custom Northstar

This is a custom made by my friend Jomhia from (also where i can be found as Torch91)
My first commison and its a good one.

Sculpt- 10/10
Paint-awesome job no paint rub at all 10/10
Articulation- 10/10

first perfect score!

If your wondering the recipe on the guy is:
ml9 Bullseye body
Ml10 Angel hands and feet
Boxset Human Torch head and sculpted hair

Leader and Gamma Hulk Minimate review

I just got these and i had to do a review! First up is Leader
Sculpt- 5/5
Paint- 4/5
Articulation- 5/5
i dont think he can be much better.

Next up Gamma Hulk
Sculpt- 5/5
Paint- 5/5
Articulation- 5/5

so overall 29/30 i dont think this set could be any better!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Review for Fantastic Four Boxset Mr. Fantastic

This is my first review here it goes. Okay we have here an boxset Mr. Fantastic.

sculpt 8/10
articulation 10/10
paint 9/10
over all 27/30

All about me.

Hi my name is Matt. Born on May 2nd of the year 1991. My interests are music varying from 80's wave, alternative, metal, some punk, and a little bit of rave music. I also love to read comics, Marvel especially. I also collect Marvel Legends action figures, and play the bass guitar. I also wrestle in high school. So I hope you enjoy my site dedicated on my Marvel toy reviews.